Our experts know how to remove the negative items on your credit report and improve your score. We don’t just tell you how to repair your credit, we work with you to get it done. We understand the cost of having poor credit ,so we start our programs as low as $99 a month, it’s comparable with a cable bill. Our commitment to our clients and our ability to deliver results is what sets Krimson Financial apart from our competition.

What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of correcting inaccuracies on your credit report. By removing the items that negatively impact your credit, we can help you raise your credit score and open the door to more financing opportunities.

Why Should I Repair My Credit?

Bad credit is expensive. It impacts the interest rates you have on your current credit lines, and it can prevent you from qualifying for affordable credit when you need it the most. Credit repair addresses the root cause of a low credit score, the negative items on your credit report, and removes them one by one to improve your score and your ability to obtain financing.

What are the Credit Bureaus?

Credit bureaus are companies that maintain records of your credit history, including past credit lines, payments, and performance. Their records typically go back seven years (up to ten years if you’ve filed for bankruptcy) and are available to consumers and businesses as credit reports.

Will Lenders or Credit Bureaus Help Me Repair My Credit?

Lenders and credit bureaus are required to update and correct any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions on your credit report. Credit repair is an effective way to address negative history with prior lenders and to improve your credit score with credit bureaus.

What is a Credit Report?

A credit report is a detailed record of how you have managed credit in the past. It includes your past accounts, addresses, credit limits, balances, payment history, collection history, tax liens, and homeownership. Lenders use your credit report to judge your credit worthiness and ultimately decide if they will lend you money.

How Does the Credit Repair Process Work?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item can not be verified within a reasonable time (typically 30 days) it must be removed. We submit the negative items on your credit report for review, whether accurate or inaccurate, to clear out negative history and raise your score.

How Will I Know if You're Making Progress?

Our clients are given 24/7 access to their own online portal, where they can review their credit reports and see their credit scores improve in real time. We keep a running list available to our clients so that they can see what items have been removed and which items we’re still working on. Our credit repair methods are effective, and if you don’t see any results within 6 months we will give you your money back!

Do You Do Small Business Loans?

Yes, we work with some of the biggest aggressive small business funding banks in the entire country. Generally our turnaround time is 72 hrs.

Can a Small Business Finance Their Customers With You?

Yes, They can. We offer a seamless application process. approvals for personal financing can be approved in less than 24 hrs.

As a Small Business, How Much Can I Borrow & What is the Criteria?

We offer so many different loan options in this industry, so its best to call for a free consultation and speak with one of our industry experts for a free consultation, to see what is best suited for your individual needs. Every persons needs are different and we pride our self in being able to give clients the best advice possible.